¿Qué agentes se deben añadir al sistema regulador del PH? ¿Cuál es la proporción?

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11 abr 2024

¿Qué agentes se deben añadir al sistema regulador del PH? ¿Cuál es la proporción?

The Sistema regulador de pH generally needs to add PH regulators, such as sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, etc., to adjust the pH of the water body and maintain the appropriate pH value.
In addition, you can also choose to add other auxiliary agents according to the specific situation, such as algal inhibitor, defoamer and so on.

When selecting the agent, it is necessary to pay attention to the stability, effect and influence on the aquatic environment.

Generally speaking, the ratio of reagents needs to be adjusted and optimized according to the actual situation, and the best ratio scheme can be determined through tests and experiments;

The following factors need to be considered in the ratio of the drug:

1. Target value of PH value: It is necessary to determine the PH value range that needs to be adjusted, so as to select the appropriate agent. (Can let us recommend, customers own local purchase)

2. The nature of the agent: the nature of different agents is different, and the ratio needs to be made according to the characteristics of the acid, alkali and concentration of the agent. (Can be recommended by local pharmacy seller)

3. The size of the container: The concentration and dosage of the agent need to be determined according to the size of the container.

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